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The happy country, where they mourn for a dog long and genuinely...

Adam Mickiewicz


Welcome to my website dedicated to my breeding of Malteses dogs.

My passion for pedigree dogs started once I visited the international show of pedigree dogs. Having seen magnificent Malteses, I fell in love with them instantly. Since that moment I decided to learn more about this breed.  I make all the efforts to protect and preserve the pure breed by choosing the best breeders.

I would like to genuinely thank Małgorzata Kozlowska from STORRADA Breeding, who has never refused to help me. She’s been and huge support while I was taking my first steps into world of breeders.

I also thank Iwona Zachwieja from Se-La-Vi Breeding for all the useful tips.


My breeding is registered with The Polish Kennel Club ( Zwiazek Kynologiczny in Poland ZKwP ) w and The Fédération Cynologique Internationale – FCI.

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All puppies, born in my breeding, own pedigrees!